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Our story

We began in 1934 as a small family business with a passion for food. Now we’re one of the largest food producers in the world, providing a large range of delicious products, from ready meals and pizzas to margarines and marinated poultry cuts…

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Our brands

Your guide to BRF

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Our success is based on your success. So we do all we can to help you. Partnering with BRF Foodservice offers the opportunity for your business to grow and profit in a sustainable manner. We support you with up-to-date …

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Chefs and innovation

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Innovation is part of our DNA. At BRF, we bring together world-class technology with the knowledge, creativity and passion of our chefs to create fresh, exciting eating experiences for people around the world …

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Animal welfare

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At BRF, animal welfare is not just a matter of ticking boxes; for us, compassion is non-negotiable. Holding ourselves to that value …

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Sustainability matters. It is a key pillar of our culture and is implemented throughout all our production. The way we see it, it's not just …

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From farm to fork

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One of the reasons we're able to provide the highest quality food and services is our integrated control across the entire value chain: …

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